My Newest Addiction: Hand Stitched Leather Moleskine Journal Covers

cover 10

I have various addictions. One is bags. I love gadget bags, duffel bags, and backpacks. My current favorites are here.

But I also have another, newer addiction. It’s kind of related to the luggage issue (at least in my mind):

  • Hand stitched leather journal covers for Moleskine Notebooks.

Using a Moleskine journal for handwritten notes, drawings, and scribbling is my commitment to maintaining some analog skills in an increasingly digital world.

I should probably do a post on that some time, but it will have to wait.

Hand stitched leather goods is a kind of pornography. Especially, things like wallets and journal covers. I even started a Pinterest board. I know, right?

The wallet thing will have to wait until another post as well.

Anyway, here’s something to whet your appetite if you’ve never indulged in the voyeurism of hand stitched leather Moleskine journal covers.


This one is the most Indiana Jones… Their website is here and the journal cover is here.

cover 5

But it’s got this weird, cut out in the back… It’s not bad, but I’m just not sure…

cover 6


I’m not even sure this one is for sale anywhere. They have a website here though.

cover 1

But check out the bold red stitching. And it has a pen holder. Pen holders are a big deal. Because you need somewhere to put your pen.

Hollows Leather

This one is also very stylish with simple clean lines. Website here but can’t see the product.

cover 2

Lovely photograph…

Etsy Wanderlust

These guys have the coolest Etsy Store here.cover 8 cover 9

GFeller Moleskine Cover

This one doesn’t look as Indiana Jones as the Saddleback or some of the others… Website here.

cover 3

But it’s actually the best design according to the review at Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools website and Wired Magazine.

cover 4

The only thing with it, is that it has a very plain natural finish. The colour is a bit like skin… However, the idea is that it picks up the natural oils in your skin and through everyday use. Over time it will darken up…

Decision time soon… Probably, it’s design that will win out, but I’ll let you know.

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