My Luggage Fetish Part 4 – Some New Bags I’m Coveting


I’ve already written a lot about my addiction to buying bags. My reviews of laptop style gadget bags is here, and various Duffel Bags and their ilk are here. I also looked at some different backpacks here.

This is an update… I need to confess my sins. I haven’t dropped any cash on these yet, but here are my current favorites at the moment.

Apart from being a fan, I have no financial interest in any of these companies (just take my money please).

The Defy Bags Ultimate Overnighter in Rogue Camo

This is the bad boy in the image at the top of the page. My other Defy Weekender became a gear bag when I joined a martial arts gym earlier this year. This means I don’t have a regular overnight bag.

I mean, I have a good backpack, but another overnighter would rock too, right? More images here.

The Defy Bags Cargo Hold Tote in Rogue Camo


I don’t have a use for this bag. Yet. But it matches the one above. ‘Nuff said right? I’m sure I could find a use for it. Just. Not. Sure. What.

The Goruck GR Echo

GR Echo

Once again, I already have a great backpack. But it’s my current briefcase. So… when I want to just use it as a backpack I have to unload it. Annoying.

I’m figuring that this little number would be a useful addition for the odd hike or day trip. It’s plain, but this gear is indestructible. Decisions, decisions.

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