The NCALNE (Voc) we all know and love is about to change…


In the next couple of weeks the working group looking at the NCALNE (Voc) as part of the Targeted Review of Qualifications (TRoQ) is going to meet again. I’m planning on being there again to help shape the new NZCALNE (Voc).

I don’t know what the final shape of it is going to look like yet. However, I’m hoping it’s not going to be too much of a departure from the old one in terms of structure and content.

So just for the record, here’s how the existing one is put together. This is currently based on US21204 Version 4, US21196 Version 3, and US 9685 Version 6. The underpinning knowledge is unlikely to change at all. However, how we put this all together could change significantly.

Assessment Tasks
  1. New Zealand Context

Assessment 1: Describe adult literacy and numeracy in New Zealand. Write a 1500 word report according to the format supplied.

Evidence Requirements


Evidence Requirements

1.1-1.2, 2.1-2.7, 3.1

  1. Māori literacy and numeracy

Assessment 2: Describe Māori literacy and numeracy. Complete the structured overview and summary using the format supplied..

Evidence Requirements 1.1, 2.1–2.3

  1. Knowing the demands

Assessment 3: Identify the literacy and numeracy demands of your training or education programme. This is mainly about “best guess” mapping using the Learning Progressions. Write up your analysis as per format supplied..

Evidence Requirements 3.1–3.2

  1. Knowing the learner

Assessment 4: Identify literacy and numeracy strengths and needs of learners. Use appropriate diagnostic tools; record, collate, and analyse the results in focused learning plans..

Evidence Requirements 4.1–4.2

Evidence Requirements 1.1-1.2

  1. Knowing what to do

Assessment 5: Plan and deliver embedded literacy and numeracy training in your context. Record what you did in the format supplied.

Evidence Requirements 5.1–5.2

Evidence Requirements 1.1 – 1.7, 2.1 – 2.2

  1. Assessing progress

Assessment 6: Assess learners’ literacy and numeracy progress and report on your findings. Reuse your contextualised literacy and numeracy assessments from 4. Write up the results using the format supplied.

Evidence Requirements 6.1–6.2

Evidence Requirements 1.6

  1. Evaluating

Assessment 7: Evaluate the effectiveness of your embedded literacy and numeracy teaching including strategies, activities, and assessment. Use the format supplied. Give or record an oral presentation.

Evidence Requirements 7.1–7.6

Evidence Requirements 1.7

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