Updated Tumblr blog for thisisgraeme… It’s a mirror of this one

talktoalecThis WordPress blog is kind of like blog experience 4.0 for me. I started on blogger.com, switched to tumblr, then tried to integrate a blog into my regular ALEC website. Gave up on that, came here and created Thisisgraeme.wordpress.com. And this recently changed to Thisisgraeme.me when I upgraded to premium.

Anyway… the prototype for this blog was designed in Tumblr. You can see the stylish graphic above that was created by my rock and roll designer. The short story is that I’ve recently updated the tumblr blog so that it mirrors what you see on this site.

The mirror site will just run on autopilot, but I’m going to use my Tumblr account as a place to host anything more creative, such as the occasional short story.


Author: Graeme Smith

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