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My good friend and colleague, Damon Whitten has just completed the numeracy intervention he’s been running as part of his PhD studies. You should really check out the great blog posts he’s been doing including the latest one.

Here’s an excerpt:

The end.

Today I am cleaning out my office.  Out go all the sketched diagrams, the ideas jotted down on countless scraps of paper, the rulers, grids, empty coffee cups, receipts, USB’s and flipshares.  It marks a new beginning.

As of Monday I stop collecting data for the PhD, I stop talking to the very people I’m hoping to help and I stop thinking about teaching and learning and move entirely to analysis.  The data collection phase is over.

To be honest, it was hard to see this day coming.

Over the last two years…

Click here to read the rest. Good work Damon…! I’m looking forward to seeing how the writing up comes together.

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