As software eats education, education companies will become media companies… but what about teachers?


I’d love to claim this as an original thought, but it’s not. Well, really it’s a combination of several other people’s original thoughts.

So here’s my semi-original thought for the day in the midst of all my work on our quality management system:

As software eats education, education and training providers will become more like media companies… but where does this leave teachers and tutors?

I’m not suggesting I have an answer, because I’m still thinking about it. But perhaps, educators will need to become more like media personalities. Think of Sal Kahn for example. I’m sure there are others.

This has implications if I’m right. One is that we’ll have to get a whole lot more comfortable with video and video editing.

Another is that our learners’ expectations and demands will increase. Which means we better start producing better quality stuff. And not just better quality content, but we better pay attention to good design as well

This could mean that niche education could be huge… I’d bet the farm if I had one. Plus, you pretty much do that every month of every year working in education.

Author: Graeme Smith

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