Adult Tertiary Teaching – The Revised Landscape


It’s kind of a poetic metaphor for a large bureaucracy like the NZQA to use, but they insist on talking about the tertiary landscape. I get it… and I kind of like it… but my mind automatically goes to science fiction novels where the characters are terraforming planets.

And perhaps there is a certain amount of world-shaping thinking going on here, at least on a small scale in terms of what we’re doing in education in New Zealand.

If you’ve been lying in bed at night wondering what the outcome of this review might look like, and what the revised tertiary landscape might look like (like me…), then here’s a sneak preview.

NZC stands for New Zealand Certificate and NZD stands for New Zealand Diploma

Adult and TertiaryTeaching

  • NZC (Level 4)(40-45 Credits) with optional endorsement in assessment
  • NZC (Level 5)(60 Credits)
  • NZD (Level 6)(120 – 180 Credits) with strands* in: Mātauranga Māori; Pasifika; TESOL; open, flexible and distance learning; education technologies; innovative practice; research; evaluation; leadership; academic administration, quality management; assessment; learning design.

Mātauranga Māori

  • NZC (Level 5)(60 Credits)
  • NZD (Level 6)(120 Credits)


  • NZC (Level 4)(40 credits) NZC (Advanced)(Level 6)(40 Credits)

Adult Literacy and Numeracy

  • NZC (Level 5)(40 Credits) (Vocational)
  • NZC(Level 5)(80 Credits) (Educator)
  • NZD (Level 6) (120 Credits)

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