The Department of Entrepreneurial Education: Business Model Innovation for Literacy and Numeracy Professionals

not-del-1209The guy in the photo – Hugh MacLeod – is one of my inspirations. You can buy the print or shirt here. If you can’t read the text, it says: “I’m not delusional I’m an entrepreneur”. Anyways…

Abstracts are due this week for the LN Symposium run by the National Centre for Literacy and Numeracy for Adults (NCALNA). Here’s my draft. Let me know what you think.

A drive for increased efficiencies and outcomes in education combined with technological change means that the need for enquiry, experimentation, and creativity applies not just to our classrooms and teaching practice, but to how we think about the business of education.

In this workshop, Graeme Smith from ALEC invites you to become an educational entrepreneur and unpack three things that are about to disrupt your work: new business models, the impact of software, and the long tail of niche education.

You will be asked to consider how you might rethink, repackage, and remix your own work in adult literacy and numeracy education (ALNE) in the light of these trends.

Just for kicks… here’s my brain dump prior to writing the abstract:


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