The Educator’s Journey Revisited

I’ve written previously about the Educator’s Journey here and here and here. This is a shorter more visual version of essentially the same thing. This version is influenced by Robert Green’s new book Mastery which I’ve just started listening to.

Educator's Journey Simplified.031We see this progression in basic terms when we deliver our NCALNE (Voc) professional development.

Our focus is on helping tutors and trainers develop the skills and tools they need for embedding literacy and numeracy into their trades and vocational training. I guess there are different levels of each of these stages, but you get the picture…

With regards to Mastery, I like the idea that the tutor’s classroom is a kind of martial arts dojo and practice hall. The opportunities and challenges that present themselves are an opportunity for personal development… a place where we learn to master ourselves as we experiment with new skills, observe and imitate our mentors, play with and internalise new concepts and ideas, overcome problems and ultimately understand the connections between things, see the big picture, and apply what we’ve learned at deeper levels.


Author: Graeme Smith

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