Your No.1 customer might not be who you think it is if you work in education

Figure out who your No.1 customer is

Who is your number one customer? Your No.1 customer is the person or organization that you are creating the most value for.

The easy way to answer this question is to follow the money. Ask yourself the question again…

If your education programme or training is funded or subsidised by a government department or similar agency then you better start thinking of them (and treating them) like a valued customer. They are paying you to deliver training outcomes for them.

In education, your No.1 customer is  not always who you think…

Your number one customer is not always your learners… although they are the end users. Don’t misunderstand us here. Your learners are important, but are they the ones that pay your bills?

If corporations or other organisations pay for your training then they are your No. 1 customer. The workforce might be your learners – the end users of the training and skills. But that doesn’t necessarily make them your No.1 customer.

It turns out that getting paid in the education business is a bit more complex than just shipping widgets. It’s seldom a simple business transaction. These days the organisations and government departments that fund education and training are more like venture capitalists than benevolent parents…

They want return on investment and more bang for their buck. You – we – had better deliver…

Questions to consider

  • Who’s paying?
  • Who are you creating the most value for?
  • Are you really delivering the right results for your No.1 customer?
  • What do they really want?

Ask yourself… even if it makes you uncomfortable.

Author: Graeme Smith

Education, technology, design. Also making cool stuff...

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