How Do You Save A YouTube Clip for training purposes?


If you’re anything like me you would have wondered from time to time how to save a YouTube clip to your hard drive or to a USB drive so you can play it whenever you want.

Why not just stream it? Well… you might not have access to an internet connection when you need it.

Or, like me, you might be paranoid that the internet connection you’ve been promised will be patchy and fail at the crucial moment.

This paranoia is usually based on experience…

Here’s my solution:

  • Use free online youtube downloaders that convert the clips to MP4 files that I can save on my computer.

I’m not advocating any particular one, but you can generally find them by googling the following search terms or something similar:

  • “Free online youtube downloader covert to mp4”

Here’s an example website:

There are different file formats for video. I’m generally on a Mac and I like to use MP4 for video as it seems pretty universal.

Make sure that you understand any relevant copyright or fair use guidelines first.

If your organisation prohibits you from downloading youtube clips then this is for information purposes only.

You know… So you know how other people do it.



Cover Sheet for Embedded Reading – Prototype You Can Download

coversheet iamge

If you’ve been following these last few posts, I’m working on creating templates and guidelines for generic embedded project work that tutors and others can use with Level 1 unit standards for literacy.

For anyone interested, my process has looked like this:

I’ve created the first version of the Reading template. There’s a screen shot of the first page above. My whole prototype for the coversheet is attached as a PDF here: EvidenceCoverSheetforEmbeddedReadingUS22664

And it’s also available as a word document that you can modify or adapt here: EvidenceCoverSheetforEmbeddedReadingUS22664

I actually created this in Google Docs, which I think is my new favourite word processor. You can view the document here. You can’t edit the Google Docs version, but you can leave comments.

If you find any of this useful, or you use or adapt the templates, I’d love to hear about how it’s working. I’ll have to leave this for a while due to other work, but when I come back to it I’ll probably add the writing component next.