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This is another reason why linguists shouldn’t make memes

There are many reasons that linguists should never be allowed to make memes. This – above – is one of those reasons.

You probably haven’t thought about that before have you? Here are some further nonsensical thoughts.

Linguists are not allowed to create memes. I have discussed this before, but it is worth repeating. There are two issues at play here: firstly linguists as a group may be unable to create good memes and secondly allowing linguists to create memes would cause problems for society.

In order to create a good meme you need to understand the subject. This is of course part and parcel of being a linguist, but it is also worthwhile for anyone creating memes on any topic.

A linguist, simply put, is a person with knowledge of more than one language. It does not make them an expert in all topics – indeed it would be difficult to even create memes on any topic without understanding the subject matter.


Additionally, most linguists are likely to create memes that are more suited to their own view of the world. They may not be able to see things from other perspectives and so would end up making memes that alienate people with different views.

The second point is that allowing linguists to create memes would cause problems for society. Many people are unable to speak more than one language – and those who can may only be able to speak a handful of languages.


This is a problem because if the linguists were able to create memes using their knowledge of multiple languages, then they would be able to create better memes. These memes would then gain more attention and therefore become more popular.

So… yeah

Phoneme baby, ok?

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