Concepts: What is Mana ao turoa?

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What is it?

Mana ao tūroa means exploring the world around you.

Can we dig a little deeper?

In a literal sense, mana ao tūroa refers to the mana of the environment or external world. In education, mana ao tūroa refers to the concept of learning through an exploration of the environment.

If we were teaching early childhood education, mana ao tūroa would include play. In adult education, it can include any journey of intellectual self-discovery.

How does this help describe a learner-centred teaching environment?

Mana ao tūroa helps describe a learner-centred teaching environment because again, the learners’ abilities to think critically, solve problems, and explore are in view. This means that all aspects of the environment the natural, social, physical, and material worlds are part of the context of learning.

You are helping your learners develop their mana ao tūroa when you encourage them to be curious, use trial and error, devise and solve problems, give reasons for choices, and argue logically. They also need to know that risking failure is ok, and “I don’t know” is an acceptable answer.

Access to technology may also be another way of developing Mana ao tūroa.

How can you use mana ao turoa to create learner success?



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