Did School Make You Dumber At Maths…?

What if I told you… that school not only did a rubbish job of teaching you maths… but actually made you dumber.

Here’s another gem from Damon’s Math Blog and Youtube channel. Key take away for me:

  • Numeracy needs to be embedded into tasks.

Not sure what that means? Watch the video and head along to Damon’s blog to find out.



Author: Graeme Smith

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3 thoughts

  1. Funny thing is, everyone I’ve talked to lately has told me how rubbish their school maths was. Incredible really, how resilient to positive change the establishment has been. It just refuses to get better!

    1. In all fairness, I did have one really good maths teacher for 3rd and 4th form… but she still didn’t do what you’re advocating, which is to embed the maths in tasks. From Fifth form though… disaster

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