What about an ALEC Podcast radio station for literacy and numeracy?


I’ve had a stretch of travelling recently for my work (which is literacy and numeracy professional development. And I’ve been listening to a few podcasts… In particular, this great podcast radio show by one of my Internet Heroes – James Altucher.

Anyway, what I was wondering is how cool would it be to create my own podcast radio station for riffing about anything I’m thinking about or working on in relation to adult education or specifically about literacy and numeracy.

I think the best podcasts I’ve listened to have two co-hosts and incorporate personal stories together with the subject matter.

I’ve probably got access to all the technology to make it work… just need to figure out how to make it work by phone or Skype for interviews with people. It needs to not depend on us all being in the same geographical location.

Anyone interested…? Let me know.


Author: Graeme Smith

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