Reasons for low levels of literacy and numeracy in the adult population

There’s plenty of reasons why we see low levels of literacy and numeracy skills in the adult population. However, the problem is that none of them have really been empirically studied. This short poll isn’t going to fix that.

Questions… Questions… Questions…

However, I’m interested… What do you think? Choose up to three from the list below.

Author: Graeme Smith

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  1. very interesting that poor education systems are so rated so high. I guess in our sector we see the negative side of school so often we begin to feel that it has few redeeming features. I’m actually knee deep in this issue and looking around for evidence/research. Its such a complex interplay of recursive influences. I think of it in terms of the Mathew effects. It has a few high risk initial factors that (if combined with other factors) begin to compound on each other. I also find that the literacy community falls prey to ‘causation’ versus ‘correlation’ relationships.

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