SURF SISTERS (RETURN OF THE SURFER GIRL LO-FI TRIP MIX) by Bianca Rae and THISISGRAEME is Out Now On Spotify, Youtube and All Good Music Media

SURF SISTERS (RETURN OF THE SURFER GIRL LO-FI TRIP MIX) by Bianca Rae and THISISGRAEME is Out Now On Spotify, Youtube and All Good Music Media


This fantastic song was written by my very talented friend, Bianca Rae.

She released an acoustic version of it a while back and as soon as I heard it I wanted to record a version with some beats and other instrumentation underneath. And here we are…!

Hopefully, we’ll have another opportunity to collaborate soon. You can find Bianca online at the following links:

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What else?

We had a couple of other possibilities for cover art that didn’t quite make the cut. Here’s one below.

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Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

I live in the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. I’ve lived abroad and travelled to Australia, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan but New Zealand is home. I’m married and have three kids, a cat and a dog.

What’s your set up for recording and publishing?

I write and record all of my own music at home in a small shed that doubles as my office and recording studio. My set-up is very simple and is largely driven by a MacBook with Logic Pro X recording software.

Other than that I have a bunch of guitars including electric, bass and acoustic and an old mandolin. I use a small USB keyboard for piano and synth. Most synth sounds are on-board with Logic Pro X although I have used a few 3rd party plugins, sounds and beats. I also have a Blue Yeti USB mic which I occasionally use for recording audio or acoustic instruments.

I use an AI algorithm for mastering songs and then I upload them to CD Baby for distribution to all major streaming audio platforms including Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, Deezer and others.

Are you making any money from this?

Is there any money in this for artists like me? Hell no…! It’s a hobby and I do it because I love the craft of making music and I love sharing what I make with the world. The big platforms are the ones making the money. Mostly, streaming audio is a terrible deal for artists.

The reason I continue to do it is that platforms like Spotify and Youtube allow me to share my work with people in every country around the world. For example, I have people listening to my music in the following countries:

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Do you play live anywhere?

Firstly, I live in New Zealand which is probably on the other side of the world from you. Secondly, no… at the moment I’m not playing live anywhere and I have no plans to at the present time.

Making music happens in my spare time, often late at night or in between time spent on real work or with family, so it’s hard to imagine adding live gigs and band practices to my already busy schedule and life.

I may look at live gigs at some stage in the future, especially if I could incorporate aspects of what I’ve recorded with a drummer or other instruments played live, but it would be a hybrid model.

Can I tip you, donate or buy you a cup of coffee?

Would you drop a couple of bucks in my guitar case if I was busking and you happened to walk past? I’m not in this for the money, but if you really wanna support me you can make a donation here on my Givealittle page.

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