A Public Service Announcement Regarding Cat bites

zombie cat

According to various sources who should know, such as the nurse and doctor I spoke to this morning, the only bite worse than a cat bite is a human bite.

So… as a general public service announcement and my first blog post of 2016 I thought I should offer the following advice and aphorism:

  • If you get bitten by a cat or a human, you’ll need antibiotics. And a tetanus shot.

Please refer to the picture above for a description of the were-cat trapped in my garage this morning.

This may or may not be the same vicious beast that cruelly bit my wife a week ago.

Author: Graeme Smith

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4 thoughts

  1. Ha ha. Looks like something from a horror movie. We actually have a new family member of the cat variety and it has certainly tasted its share of human flesh, mostly mine. Hence your comments re the tetanus shots are freaking me out.
    Nice to see a post – been hanging out for my ‘Thisisgraeme’ hit.

    1. Hey thanks Sitting Bull…! Apparently, because cats are always licking themselves the chance of infection from a cat bite is high. However, I’ve been scratched an bitten by our pet cat a bunch with no adverse effects. It’s the deep punctures that seem to be the problem. Tetanus shot is good to keep up to date regardless, especially like me if you can’t remember when you had it last. Need to catch up soon…!

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