Sorry, But All Four NZ Fleg Choices Are Rubbish

pinacle flag

Even if you had some principles for selecting a decent flag, it seems it’s too late.

Today we got to see the four fleg, I mean flag, finalists. It seems that someone has stacked the deck in favour of the rugbyist silverfernfleg lobby.

Here they are:


There are actually only two choices: Hypnofleg or Silverfernfleg in one of three varieties.

Can I just say for the record that I’m in favour of a change… But not if it means any of these insipid choices.

There were other designs that could have, nay would have, given us a an actual choice. It’s been a day of mourning for New Zealand design.

For fleg’s sake, can you just add a People’s choice wild card like the one at the top of this page?

Otherwise, I think I’ll be voting for the status quo.

four flegs

Author: Graeme Smith

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