Hacking Learning Podcast Demo – Take 1

Hi there… I’m trying an experiment. I’m interested in starting a podcast radio show called Hacking Learning.

It’s my own learning I’m hacking first by trying to figure out how to do this. You should be able to click the audio file above for the demo. If it works and I get some positive feedback I’ll carry on.

If I go ahead, I’ll also detail the entire process in case you want to replicate it yourself.

Any suggestions, thoughts, or feedback please let me know in the comments.

The same clip is pasted in from Soundcloud below. I’d be interested if you can hear any difference.

6 thoughts on “Hacking Learning Podcast Demo – Take 1

    • Hi Peter: Thanks for that…! Working on it… Once I figure out how to do an audio capture via Skype you might be on my list of people to interview…

      Cheers, Graeme

  1. And I can’t discern any sound difference in the SoundCloud version… [mind you, these ears ain’t what they once were :-)) ] … and I’m listening to these clips in an openplan office environment – the gang all say Hi!

  2. Hi Graeme, I like Garagefunk 1.0, would be good to hear it with a voice intro. And Keyboard demo 1. I think you have a good voice for radio – very listenable!

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