Invisible Village: Connect, Share, Grow

invisible village

A friend of mine has just released her project online. It’s called the Invisible Village. In her words she’s:

Recreating a virtual village well where women gather to share laughter, concerns, stories and moments while helping each other in time of need and change.

You can check out her tumblr feed here or like the Facebook page here. Here’s the blurb:

What was once the village well where women gathered is now a virtual well, a place where we can share life’s events and help each other in times of need, at intersections of change as well as celebrate the moments that bring joy and love to our individual worlds.

Invisible doesn’t mean unseen; it means that in this place you are safe. Your words are safe and by engaging with others on similar pathways, you will gain solace and satisfaction in being you and knowing that so many others share similar journeys.

You can also become a subscriber and go in the draw for a lovely gift pack of Ecoya candles as seen in the image above. Check it out…

Author: Graeme Smith

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