A New eLearning Authoring Tool?

Hi there… a friend of mine is looking to create a new web-authoring tool. Details below and a questionnaire if you want to respond and inform the development. Cheers, G

A New eLearning Authoring Tool?
We are a small team of two that has over 15 combined years experience in the eLearning industry and we are looking to shake up the way we create eLearning content. A new authoring tool that we believe will be of great value within the emerging mobile space. The idea is to create a cloud based authoring platform which allows rapid developing & publishing to multiple devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops).
Currently we are mapping out specifications and to do this with accuracy we need to get a better feel for the “pain points” people are experiencing with current tools, people such as instructional designers / developers etc. Please show us your support by filling in our ~10min questionnaire if it is relevant to your line of work.
To create something that is of significant value we need feedback from as many people as we can. We plan to anonymously publish the results so those involved can get an insight into where other people in the industry are at.

Dr Uli Muellner – LinkedIn

Thank you for your time,
Jesse Wood

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