No experience necessary

Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner when it comes to this whole literacy and numeracy thing. Our approach to embedding literacy and numeracy does not require any prior knowledge or experience about embedding. In fact, sometimes it’s better if you come to the training without preconceived ideas about what it means.

We won’t assume that you’re a high-level educator with a black belt in literacy and numeracy who can do ninja level embedding in their sleep.  Most likely we’ll assume that you are pretty much like every other trainer or tutor that we’ve worked with.

  • You probably find it surprising that you work in education or training. If pressed, you’ll probably tell us that it’s an “accident” that you’re a tutor or trainer.
  • Your background is most likely in your trade, industry, or business – that’s what you identify with. Not the eclectic and confusing world of academia. In fact, you’re kind of suspicious about that whole academic thing (and to be honest, so are we).

If you do have some teaching experience it certainly helps. You’ll find the information contained in the Embedding LN Baseline Knowledge framework more valuable and practical than anything you could learn doing an academic degree or in some mind-numbing professional development workshop somewhere.

With us, we can explore seven simple knowledge and skill areas that will help you think about your teaching and training in an entirely new way. After doing our course, you’ll have a much more comprehensive and accurate understanding of what embedding literacy and numeracy is all about, and what you need to do to change and improve your practice.

Author: Graeme Smith

Education, technology, design. Also making cool stuff...

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