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Smith Bros Ultimate Leatherwork Mentorship

The Smith Bros Leatherwork Mentorship is an opportunity to work with me to learn and improve your skills. You will:

  • Explore craft and craftsmanship.
  • Share ideas with others who have similar interests.
  • Learn more about leatherwork including tools and techniques for hand-cutting, hand-stitching, hand-finishing and more.
  • Understand the design thinking process for handmade leatherwork projects including plans, patterns and prototypes.
  • Get professional advice and guidance.

I’m offering a very limited number of places in two different opportunities closing soon.


This is for people starting out on their leatherwork learning journey. It’s a chance to learn the fundamentals of leatherwork through a series of guided projects. 


This is for people who already know the fundamentals and who are looking to extend themselves with the help of a professional friend and guide. 

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Working with leather is very satisfying. It is, after all, the ultimate luxury good. Join today and let me help you discover and experiment with leatherwork. 

Option 1: USD$350 one payment for the two months

Option 2: USD$200 per month x 2 months