2.5 Tapatoru – Portfolio: Your Referees

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Here are the resources you need to use when you approach your referees:

Tapatoru Flyer – PDF

This is a short two-page overview of the Tapatoru that you can share with your potential referees if you need to. If your referee is already familiar with what you are working on for the Tapatoru, then you don’t need to share this.

Guidance for Referees – PDF

This document provides further detail and guidance for referees. It’s laid out in terms of questions and answers. Make sure you review it as well. The answers are here for most of the general questions we get from referees about what’s required.

Referee’s Template – Docx

This template is for your referee to complete. There are three parts for them to complete:

  1. Referee details and declaration
  2. A short survey and confidence assessment looking at the key Tapatoru values, knowledge areas and practices
  3. A place for them to write a short written statement of support