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    • Hi Robyn: Thanks for asking…! I have a lot of it in the planning stages and drafted. I get to work on it in bursts but getting our normal NCALNE up and running for this year is sucking up all the time. I’ll post here as soon as I have made it to the next stage which would be getting all the official documents into NZQA. I’m still very motivated to do it as NZQA will chop the qualification if someone doesn’t pick it up. Cheers, G

  1. Hi Graeme,

    Is there currently no provider for the NDipALNE? Not sure if you’ve already put in your submission, but, for what it’s worth, here is my thinking. I would like to see two modules in it: A module on teaching learners with dyslexia and a module on how to bring modern technology into the classroom. The first module could focus on what dyslexia is, what the causes are, how it affects people and what can be done about it. Educators could learn some practical strategies for teaching dyslexic learners and catering for their needs. The second module could have a practical focus, how to tap into modern technology to help engage our learners.


    • Hi Annette

      Thanks for the thoughts…!

      Still no provider for the Dip. I’m full on with my NCALNE delivery and I only get time to think about this when I have quiet times in the delivery. However, the structure of the of the DipALNE is totally driven by the unit standards. There is an elective on reading US26620, but it’s not exclusively on dyslexia. It’s also not really very practically geared… more of an academic approach to understanding the theory. I would have preferred a practical project based approach to actually doing something about reading difficulties rather than just reading and analysising different approaches.

      Most of the Diploma units are like this unfortunately: lots of describing, planning, and demonstrating knowledge, but very little on getting things done in the classroom. This is a major issue I have with the Diploma in the way that it’s currently structured. And we’re locked into those units at the moment.

      Also, I would love to create a whole course around implementing technology in the classroom in this context. Again, though this is not part of any of the Dip ALNE units. There is an independent project that people can do as an elective, so it could be engineered to focus on technology in the classroom, but that’s not really part of the Dip as it stands.

      If these units come up for review, this is the kind of information that NZQA needs to hear.

      Cheers, Graeme

      • Thanks, Graeme, I fully agree. The theory and background knowledge is needed, but needs to be balanced with plenty of practical content. From what you say I gather there is not enough scope for this within the existing units. My thinking was that this type of PD should be easily accessible to all educators and part of the standard programme of training. If it can’t be incorporated into NCALNE, then the DipALNE seems the obvious alternative, but then a revamp will be needed. I noticed it’s up for review by the end of this year, so will pass my feedback on to NZQA and hope it will do some good!

      • Yes, good idea. Feedback to Annie Chan I would think. Cheers, G

        On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 8:10 AM, thisisgraeme

    • Hi Katrina. It’s still going through the very long NZQA TRoQ process… The NZQA timeline is to have it submitted for approval by the end of the year from what I know. After that there’s probably still a process of waiting before we’ll be able to do anything with it. Same applies to the revamped NCALNE (Voc) as well… Just takes time I guess. Frustrating as it’s out of my hands unfortunately…

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