SANCTION THE BOOK by Roman McClay – The Best Way to Kick Start the First 7 Chapters

Sanction is a tough book to read

I’ve talked about it before. A couple of times in fact… and I’m biased because I’m involved in the audio project.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about then you should have a look here on the official Sanction website. Or check out our Patreon site.

But if you can get started and make it past the first five chapters there’s a strong chance you’ll make it bit further a maybe even finish it.

So, what you need is a strategy. Here’s how to get started with Sanction the Book.

Where to buy Sanction by Roman McClay

First of all, buy your hard copies from here. These early editions will be collector’s items one day.

You might as well get the Kindle versions as well so that you’ll always have Sanction on hand. That’s what most Sanctionheads end up doing.

Now, let’s get to the strategy…

Sanction by Roman McClay


LISTEN TO or READ Chapter -1

Yes, it starts at negative 1. Just read the damn chapter. Read it ten times if you need to. Then listen to the discussion of -1 here with Hunter and Roman.

Next up…

Sanction by Roman McClay

LISTEN TO or READ Chapter 0

Then listen to the discussion with Hunter and Roman of Chapter 0. They don’t cover everything but it’s an excellent walk through.


Sanction by Roman McClay

LISTEN TO or READ Chapter 1

Then listen to the discussion here. Now, you should be getting the hang of it. Plus BONUS cigar smoking footage.

Ok, you’re getting the idea.

Sanction by Roman McClay

LISTEN TO or READ Chapter 2

Then listen to the discussion as before. Caution: Includes more cigar smoking.


Sanction by Roman McClay

LISTEN TO or READ Chapter 3

Then listen to the discussion of, as Hunter says, “the greatest American novel written in modern times.”

Nearly there…

Sanction by Roman McClay

LISTEN TO or READ Chapter 4

Then listen to the discussion. It’s another excellent walk through.

And last one…

Sanction by Roman McClay

LISTEN TO or READ Chapter 5

Then listen to the discussion. This is the last one they recorded and it’s worth every minute you can put into it.

Well done. It’s a strange and hard book to read, but it’s very rewarding.

By the way, if you manage to listen, read and digest everything in these first five chapters you’ve probably learned more about literature, science and philosophy than most university or college graduates.

A couple of final things…

Sanction Spotify Playlists

We made a couple of Sanction Spotify playlists. The original one is here but there’s a newer one here as well. There’s a little bit of crossover between the two, but I think you’re going to enjoy them.

Put them on while you’re reading or just when you’re sitting drinking whiskey on the back porch.

Support the Patreon

You can support the Sanction-the-Audiobook project for as little as USD$10 per month. This includes:

  • Access to the Sanction audio book with two chapters released each month.
  • Early access to unique Sanction items.
  • Satisfaction in knowing you are helping the community stay safe by keeping Roman off the streets at night.

Join the Sanction community

Yes, you read that correctly. If you are a paid-up member of the Patreon then you’ll have access to a closed, members-only Sanction community.

It’s a place to discuss, connect and promote ideas and themes from Sanction. It’s also a place to share your Sanction-inspired:

  • Questions
  • Answers
  • Ruminations
  • Music
  • Images
  • Artwork
  • Beverages

You can recruit others here by encouraging them to support the Patreon.

Again you’ll be helping keep Roman in Whiskey, promote safer communities and assist in the ongoing creation of Sanction-The-AudioBook.

Now you’re on your own (at least until you join the Patreon Community)

Now get to work…!


John “Jack” McCall was a Buffalo hunter and miner of gold in the Dakota territory before he made a name for himself as a bad gambler, a mean drunk and -eventually- a murderer.

Holding the now infamous hand “Aces & Eights” the vigilante and card player James Butler (aka Wild Bill) Hickock was shot dead -by McCall- With a long-colt 45 single-action revolver that the young man said he received from a confederate veteran.

Angry, drunk and armed… until he was dead, dead, and dead, Jack McCall was hanged by the neck at 24.

Use promo code AcesAndEights and get 6 bucks off your damn Sanction Euchre cards.

Ante up you scoundrels!

By Roman McClay


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