Sanction by Roman McClay? Is There a Kickass Audiobook with All Amazing 42 Chapters?

Sanction the Book

Roman McClay




Sanction the Audiobook

Why, yes dear reader there is. There is an audiobook of Sanction The Book by Roman McClay.

Well… to be more precise, the audiobook is in production. It’s a big book, savvy?

At around 1.2 million words, it’s going to take a while. That’s why we need your help.

And how can you support this important and timely project, I hear you ask?

Join the Sanction Patreon

Well… you can join the official Sanction the Book Patreon…!

As an official backer at one of the three levels available at the moment you will have access to the Sanction audiobook, with two chapters released each month.

And depending on which membership level you choose, you’ll also have access to unique Sanction items, discount codes for the Sanction store and possibly even exclusive Sanction gifts not available anywhere else.

Keep the streets safe

You’ll also have the satisfaction in knowing that you’re helping keep the community safe by keeping Roman off the streets at night.

Roman has written something that is truely amazing. I’ve written more about it here.

And this work has been the inspiration behind a number of spoken-word-plus-music collaborations that we we’ve called SanctionWave.

What should I do next?

So… here’s how to join the movement:

  1. Buy the first damn book.
  2. Turn up the music.
  3. Back the official Patreon.
  4. Start reading and listening.

Then let us know on Twitter or Instagram. We won’t be hard to find.

Thank you for your support…!

Listen to the Sanction Music Playlists

Audiobook of Sanction by Roman McClay

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