Which stitching pony or clamp should I buy when I’m starting out with leatherwork?

If you’re going to get started with leatherwork, you need a stitching pony. I know, I know… it’s a weird name. But that’s what people call them because – I guess – you usually sit on it.

Basically, it’s a clamp that acts as a kind of third hand when you’re stitching up a leatherwork project like a wallet or a belt.

The most basic one is what you see in the image above. That’s what I bought first.

It had a wing nut and bolt going through the centre – you can see the hole. But I unscrewed it and threw it away.

Instead, I use a different kind of clamp to hold it closed like this below.

The advantage with this is that it’s quick release, whereas the wing nut and bolt mechanism was time consuming.

I also have a second stitching pony which I use more often these days. It looks like this.

It’s slightly more sophisticated and has it’s own quick release mechanism. It’s also got more space in between the jaws which means I can work with different sized projects.

Sometimes I’ll clamp this pony to my workbench so I can work standing up.

If you’re in the market for a basic stitching pony then have a look at something like these which you can get through Amazon. If you click the images they will open up inside Amazon

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