Mini Whiteboards for Numeracy: Place Value Chart and Hundreds Grids

Here’s something we just finished with our rock star graphic designer and literally fresh off the presses today:

PV and Hundreds grid

  • A4 Double gloss laminated 350 gsm mini whiteboards.

Hundreds Grid

They’re blank on one side and feature either the hundreds grids or place value chart on the other.

This one above has four 10 x 10 grids… so it would be excellent for cutting up to demonstrate how you get from simple fractions to percentages and decimals.

PV chart 1

These are ideal for group and class use or in unconventional teaching spaces where you don’t have a regular whiteboard.

PV chart 2

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Author: Graeme Smith

Education, technology, design. Also making cool stuff...

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    1. Hi R: Thanks for this. Yes, absolutely…! Prison is definitely an unconventional teaching space by itself… But more than that inside the prison trades teaching environment there are plenty of unconventional spaces where learning happens on a regular basis. Happily, I’ve visited quite a few of these: containers, sheds, kitchens, semi-outdoor areas… Outside the wire, it’s sometimes the work truck. I think part of my mission is to encourage people to have conversations about learning, and especially literacy and numeracy, in these kinds of non traditional learning and teaching spaces. Kind regards, G

  1. Woohoo – they will definitely serve the prison population well. I’m thinking they are lightweight too just in case a person will have to carry them around?

    1. Hi Michelle. yes, they’re a lot lighter than the metal magnetic ones that we’ve used in some of our training. We’re going to put these in our updated NCALNE study packs in the next couple of weeks. I hoping to make them available for purchase as well, but that always gets complicated.

  2. These are great. I’ve used class sets of blank mini-whiteboards before, but the place value charts or hundreds grids are an excellent enhancement.

    A similar idea is to get a class set of transparent L-shaped pocket folders into which you can put interchangeable templates such as the 100 grid, place value chart, writing frames, etc. (Some learners find the tinted pocket folders easier to read through than clear ones, so they can be used to aid in reading handouts too.)

    1. Hi Rachel… Thanks for you comments! That’s another great idea re the pockets. It’s fantastic for me to hear what others are doing along similar lines. Kind regards, Graeme

  3. These are a great teaching tool and really useful for those who aren’t keen to show their answers to everyone. I have used these, albeit the cheap model ( cut up shower board) , successfully. Can be used to see if there are those who have a gap in learning and allows for risk taking.

    1. Hi Debbie. Thanks for your comments as well! Shower board works just great! Good on you for taking the initiative with that. These ones are blank on the back too. I love how these work so well in group situations as you’ve mentioned for diagnostic purposes and lowering the barriers to taking a risk with an answer. Kind regards, G

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